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Informace Project Battlestar Hyperion FAQ (EN)

Vlákno v 'Battlestar Hyperion' založil TooSexyForCS 17. září 2013.

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  1. TooSexyForCS

    TooSexyForCS Oddělení likvidace turbodemence

    27. února 2011
    FAQ about joining our server:

    How do i join Majncraft.cz?
    Our server is premium only and uses whitelist. For czech players there is a whitelist test, which tests their knowledge of server rules, game mechanics, appropriate behaviour and other things. Unfortunately, it is only in czech language.
    You can be added to whitelist manually by our server moderators.
    If you would like to be added, first register on this forum, then go to this thread and apply for whitelist add. It is recomended that first you read and understand server rules, which are translated here.

    FAQ about project Battlestar:

    What brough you to this idea?
    You would be suprised, but our server community is full of science-fiction freaks and lot of them love Galactica. Idea of building some type of battlestar was there for a while, but we had not optimal situation for it.

    What was it?

    Well, first of all, it was limit of the game itself. Top height was limited to 126 block, which was not enough for life-scaled battlestar. Fortunately, after 1.4, max height was risen to 256, which allowed us, with some tweaks, to fit in full-scaled battlestar.

    Why Mercury class and not Galactica?

    Well that was simple - someone already built battlestar Galactica in creative mode. We are not happy to copy someone, so we decided to do our original mercury class battlestar, which has been named "Hyperion"

    Are you building in creative or using /give?

    No. Majncraft.cz is survival MP server. NO give, NO creative. Thats it. We use some plugins to make our life easier (schematica,fixed portlocations, flywithfood) but we are not adding any extra resources to the game. All had to be mined or waited in mob drop-traps.

    How big is the ship?

    Well..big. It is 1700 blocks long and spans from layer 1 to layer 256. So yeah, its big. We estimate to use several milion blocks, but we so far cannot precisely tell how much resources will be required.

    more content to be added

    So how can I help?

    Where can i donate resources or money?

    Can o work for project Battlestar?
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