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Vlákno v 'Indie hry' založil Pulec 28. prosince 2011.

  1. Pulec

    Pulec Administrátor

    17. října 2010
    Homepage: http://www.lofigames.com/

    Info @ Desura: http://www.desura.com/games/kenshi

    Na desuře nebo na stránkách si můžete stáhnout demo, po instalaci má kolem 1,5gb, takže žádné mini indie, viz video. :)

    Ještě jsem nezkoušel ale úryvek z changelogu:
    -Fixed a stupid crash
    -Gave my mighty beard a trim
    -You can now carry wounded people.  Select someone healthy, hold down the right mouse button on a collapsed character and choose "Pick up".  To put down again, use the right-click menu again on yourself and choose "Put down".
    -As well as a medkit, you need a splint kit to make bodyparts (slightly more) useable again.  Bandages now only cause healing.
    -You now need both arms functional to use a heavy weapon.
    -You need a one-handed weapon to fight while carrying someone.
    -There is more to be done on this, like bed rest and more medical/damage stat effects, but for now I think its a good mid-way update.
    -You no longer need to install PhysX.
    -Fixed characters not getting up when healed
    -Lots of little things
    -I'm going to focus on the foliage system so that I can hire an environment artist.  Then I will go back to the medical system for some more features.
    -hopefully fixed the "everything invisible" bug.  let me know on the forums if its not fixed.
    -medics now heal the vital bodyparts first
    -you can now bring up the right-click menu by clicking on a characters portrait. 
    -characters are now aware of what other characters in the squad are doing and are less likely to do things like heal the same target while someone else is bleeding to death.
    -characters in a squad can communicate.  If a character needs to heal, he can ask the squad to halt the patrol.  If a character is wounded and has no medkits he can ask someone else to heal him.
    -when a whole squad is defeated, any character that gains consciousness will stay down until all enemies are out of range.
    -removed a few old items, added new ones.  Chain head-wrap, martial artists Gi, and tricorner hat.
    -Due to unpopularity, the plank has been changed to a lighter, hacker class weapon, but its still cool
    -when you right-click an enemy it commands your character(s) to attack all of them, instead of targeting that single enemy.  If you want to attack a certain enemy you can choose it from the right-click menu.  This should stop newbies getting so confused.
    -stopped graphical flickering bugs
    -reduced video card requirements to vertex shader 2.0
    -some people had a crash when opening shops, this may be fixed now.
  3. Vergis

    Vergis Celebrita

    21. prosince 2010
    Vypadá to fakt zajímavě, škoda že to nemá MP (nebo tak jsem to alespoň pochopil).

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